Can KanMark improve your yields?

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Can KanMark improve your yields?

The Kansas Wheat Alliance released KanMark, a hard red winter wheat variety, in 2014. Since then, it has positively impacted farmers’ yields in the central and western plains.

“This variety was the best wheat I’ve ever grown,” said Kendal Grecian, who farms near Palco, Kansas. KanMark has a very erect plant architecture, making it appear thin in the field. It yields better than it looks like it will.

“I thought I was going to be disappointed by its performance, but I was shocked,” said Grecian. One of his fields of KanMark averaged 97 bushels per acre this harvest. He also explained that KanMark had the best average yields in comparison to his fields of WB Grainfield, SY Monument and Denali.

When this variety was released, it was most desired because of its dependability under moderate drought conditions with the yield averages it produced. It exhibited good yield stability across a wide range of environments.

Matt Lobmeyer, a farmer from southwest Kansas, planted KanMark about a month later than he had intended, but still had strong yields. KanMark’s straw strength is the trait that impressed Lobmeyer the most.

“I planted KanMark on November 9 and was happy with the yields it produced. It was the only variety I cut that wasn’t laying on the ground after getting 8 inches of rain after it was ready to harvest, and still managed to yield 85 bushels per acre,” said Lobmeyer.

KanMark is a good quality wheat variety with very good drought tolerance and winter hardiness. It has been known to yield better than it looks and will quickly take advantage of narrower row spacing.

“Kansas farmers should consider planting KanMark because it’s a good adaptable variety with great straw strength, so it can go irrigated or dryland and in high management or high production situations, too,” said Lobmeyer.

Richard Randall, KWA Board Chairman, is a farmer from west central Kansas. He was also drawn to KanMark because of its impressive yields in test plots over the past few years. His fields planted with KanMark averaged yields in the mid 80’s and mid 90’s, approximately five or six bushels per acre better than his fields planted with T-158 and Denali.

“It’s well designed for western Kansas, and it’s a good wheat to be able to plant and depend on,” said Randall.

“KanMark is a versatile variety that you can have any situation and it’ll do good,” said Lobmeyer.

Individuals interested in KanMark can contact the Kansas Wheat Alliance or a Certified seed dealer.

The Kansas Wheat Alliance is a not-for-profit organization formed by wheat producers, researchers, and seed marketers with the goal of maximizing value for wheat farmers by promoting responsible management of new wheat varieties developed by Kansas State University and other wheat-breeding programs. Royalties are used to support wheat research that enhances the profitability of wheat producers.

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By Alex Lessard, Kansas Wheat Alliance Communications Intern

Daryl Strouts, President
Kansas Wheat Alliance
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