Disease Update 3/22/2016

By Bryson Haverkamp

I am hearing reports of leaf and stripe rust already starting to show up in varying levels in Oklahoma and up into parts of Kansas.  It is definitely not a good sign to be seeing stripe rust all the way up into Kansas this early.  The freeze this past weekend may hold back stripe rust a little bit but only if you lose leaf tissue in your field.  All of the fields that I looked at in SC KS did not appear to have a hard enough freeze to destroy that much leaf tissue.  I also did not find any stripe rust in the Hutchinson area, but there were fields with a decent amount of powdery mildew.

Overall, I am afraid that this year is shaping up to be another stripe rust epidemic and I would be thinking heavily of a fungicide plan if you haven’t already planned on one or even two passes.  This freeze will delay the wheat crop some, so you may need to adjust your fungicide plans accordingly.

File Mar 23, 8 37 47 AM

Powdery mildew in a wheat field in SC KS.

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