Kansas Wheat Alliance welcomes Bryson Haverkamp as account manager

Bryson Haverkamp

Bryson Haverkamp

September 25, 2015 — Kansas Wheat Alliance is proud to introduce Bryson Haverkamp as the new Account Manager. Haverkamp began work on July 20, and is responsible for keeping in touch with KWA’s seed producers and informing them about new wheat varieties and research projects funded by Kansas State University. He also works with producers to identify desirable traits in wheat varieties and inform wheat breeders of traits producers are looking for. Another of Haverkamp’s duties is to help producers manage the different varieties they will be growing in the upcoming planting season.

Haverkamp is a 2012 graduate of Kansas State University where he earned his bachelor of science in agronomy. He then continued on to pursue a master’s in crop production under Kraig Roozeboom at K-State and recently finished in January 2015. For his master’s project, Haverkamp studied different soybean row spacings and management practices, tracking how different seed treatments, foliar products and fertilizers interacted with these agronomic practices.

Prior to accepting the position at Kansas Wheat Alliance, Haverkamp operated his own agricultural services business based out of Manhattan selling Encirca services and helping farmers in the area to maximize their efficiency by getting the most out of each acre.

“I started it when I was finishing up my master’s and then continued doing it up until July,” Haverkamp said. “I am actually still kind of doing a little bit here and there finalizing the growing season with some of those farmers.”

Haverkamp has also interned for Sudbeck Agronomics in Hebron, Nebraska, where he checked crops and scouted for diseases, pests and weeds as well as monitored soil moisture and timed irrigation. In another internship he was the sales intern for AgriGold, where he communicated with prospective customers, performed sales and placed field signs across the state.

Haverkamp hails from Bern, Kansas, where he grew up on his family farm, owned by his dad and four brothers. There they raise hogs and cattle along with corn and soybeans.

“My favorite part so far has been meeting seed producers,” said Haverkamp. “It has been a really great group of guys that I have met so far, and they all have been really friendly and welcoming me into the network here at KWA.”

Kansas Wheat Alliance is pleased to add Haverkamp to the staff and confident he will benefit the organization.

Daryl Strouts, executive director for KWA, said, “Bryson is going to be a huge asset for us, and he is going to allow KWA to really extend our range and better personalize our service to our associates and also bring more value to our wheat varieties for our farmers.”

by Audrey Schmitz, Kansas Wheat Communications Intern

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