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Wheat Stem Sawfly

Kansas Wheat Alliance’s Bryson Haverkamp attended the International Wheat Stem Sawfly Conference hosted by Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO this past week.  Wheat stem sawfly (WSS) has been a major issue in spring and winter wheat in Canada, Wyoming and Montana for a while now but has recently started showing up in Colorado.  Surveys done the past couple of years by CSU do show small numbers of WSS in Northwest KS.

Solid stemmed varieties are one method to help combat WSS.  Lucas Haag, NW Extension Area Agronomist, has evaluated some to see how suitable they are to Kansas.  They are fairly late maturing varieties but have produced grain just fine over the past two years.  However, they do have a yield disadvantage when compared to the likes of Denali and other varieties well adapted for NW KS.  Both Allan Fritz and Guorong Zhang have made crosses with solid stemmed varieties in their breeding program.

Included is a map from Colorado State University showing their survey results for 2015.  Feel free to contact Bryson if you have any questions regarding wheat stem sawfly or if you have had any unexplained ‘lodging’ issues on borders of fields in 2015.


2015 cartodb map

By Bryson Haverkamp

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