Clara CL

Hard White Winter Wheat Variety

Optimal economic uses:

Primary: Grain only


Pedigree: RonL sib, Clearfield variety

Variety protection status: PVP

Year of release: 2012

Developer: Kansas State University

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Barley yellow dwarf: Moderately susceptible
Hessian fly: Resistant
Leaf rust: Moderately resistant
Powdery mildew: N/A
Scab: Intermediate
Septoria leaf blotch: N/A
Soilborne mosaic: Moderately resistant
Stem rust: Moderately resistant
Stripe rust: Intermediate
Tan spot: Moderately susceptible
Wheat streak mosaic: Moderately resistant

Acid soil tolerance: Moderately susceptible
Coleoptile length: Medium
Drought tolerance: Good
Early spring greenup: Starts later than most
Fall ground cover capability: N/A
Grazing potential in fall: N/A
Height: Medium tall
Maturity (heading date): Medium late
Protein: Average
Quality-Baking: Acceptable
Quality-Milling: Acceptable
Seed size: Large
Shattering reputation: Very good
Straw strength: Below average
Test weight: Very good
Tillering: High
Winterhardiness: Good
Overall yield record where adapted: Average


This K-State variety, marketed by Kansas Wheat Alliance, is a single-gene Clearfield, white wheat.  Clara CL has moderate resistance to wheat streak mosaic virus.

Clara CL is moderately resistant to soilborne mosaic virus.  It has average sprouting tolerance – better than most other white wheats except for Danby.  It is moderately resistant to leaf rust, and intermediate to stripe rust.  As a result, it is adapted throughout western and central Kansas.


  • Moderately resistant to wheat streak mosaic virus
  • Moderately resistant to soilborne mosaic virus
  • Moderately resistant to leaf rust


  • Below-average straw strength
  • Moderately susceptible to acid soils


Special notes on cultural practices:

• A Clearfield variety, for use in the BASF Clearfield program.
• As a white wheat, it must be stored and marketed separately from red wheat varieties.

Clara CL Variety Page (PDF)