KS Venada

Hard White Winter Wheat


Optimal economic uses:
Grain Only

Grain plus limited grazing


Pedigree: HV9W05-415W/Fred-2-18-2

Variety Protection Status:
PVP/CSO Contemplated

Year of release: 2018

Developer: Kansas State University




Barley yellow dwarf: Intermediate
Hessian fly: Susceptible
Leaf rust: Resistant
Stem rust: Resistant
Stripe rust: Resistant
Powdery mildew: Susceptible
Scab: Intermediate resistance
Septoria leaf blotch: N/A
Soilborne mosaic: Resistant
Tan spot: N/A
Wheat streak mosaic: Moderately Susceptible

Acid soil tolerance: Intermediate
Coleoptile length: Average
Drought tolerance: Average
Early spring greenup: Average
Fall ground cover capability: Average
Grazing potential in fall: N/A
Height: Medium tall
Maturity (heading date): Medium late
Protein: Above average
Quality-Baking: Very good
Quality-Milling: Good
Seed size: Above Average
Shattering reputation: Good
Straw strength: Good
Test weight: Good
Tillering: Good
Winterhardiness: Very Good
Overall yield record where adapted: Good


KS Venada is a new, medium-tall, medium-late, white wheat from Kansas Wheat Alliance that has excellent baking qualities for both white and whole flour. It has a good disease package for stripe rust, leaf rust, scab, soilborne mosaic virus and some acid soil tolerance.

It has improved straw strength and preharvest sprouting tolerance (intermediate tolerance) compared to Joe. Its competitive yield records in central and western Kansas and north-central Oklahoma make it a good fit agronomically for producers in these areas looking for a high-quality white wheat variety.


  • Excellent baking quality
  • Good disease package
  • Improved straw strength and preharvest sprouting


  • Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus susceptibility

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