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CEO/President Position Announcement

                The Kansas Wheat Alliance was founded in 2007 by Kansas State University Research & Extension, Kansas State University Research Foundation, Kansas Wheat Commission, Kansas Crop Improvement Association, Kansas Association of Wheat Growers and Kansas Seed Industry Association for the primary purpose of commercializing and managing the release of K-State wheat varieties in a way that allows the delivery of preferred traits to farmers and funds the K-State wheat-breeding programs in proportion to the value it adds to the Kansas wheat industry.

                KWA is a 501(C)5 not-for-profit membership organization operating as a broker for the licensing and marketing of value-added wheat technology including farmer preferred characteristics such as novel genes for heat, drought, disease or herbicide tolerance, as well as proprietary traits that meet specific needs of end-users.  The Kansas Wheat Alliance is a strong advocate for the enforcement of Plant Variety Protection (PVP).

                To insure the success of this novel venture, KWA relies on the full-time services of a talented, energetic, highly knowledgeable CEO/President.  This person needs a working knowledge of Kansas wheat production, including an understanding of the wheat seed industry and the overall financial situation that farmers and seedsmen are facing.  The CEO/President of KWA needs an understanding of the protection and management of intellectual property, with a particular emphasis on licensing.  The CEO/President needs to be an effective spokesperson, with good skills in communication, negotiating and marketing.  Ideally, the successful candidate for the position would already be well-known to many wheat farmers around the state and region.


  • Must possess skill in establishing sound programs and the ability to implement plans to achieve the strategic mission of KWA.
  • Must possess the ability to allocate the financial resources of KWA.
  • Must be knowledgeable about seed variety development principles and procedures.
  • Must possess knowledge of the relevant industry practices and related regulatory matters.
  • Should be skillful in marketing and communication to members and agricultural producers.
  • Should be proficient in the use of social and traditional media.

The CEO/President will be evaluated by the KWA Board of Directors on an annual basis.

BS/BA and Masters Degree, or BS/BA and 5 years relevant experience.

A competitive salary and benefit package will be negotiated.

Interested candidates should apply to: 

Shaun Ohlde, Chairman
Kansas Wheat Alliance
1990 Kimball Ave Ste 200
Manhattan, KS 66502
[email protected]
or call 785/320-4080 for additional information

Position Description

POSITION TITLE: Chief Executive Officer/President

LOCATION: Manhattan, Kansas

REPORTS TO: Board of Directors

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES:  Provide innovative leadership and Strategic direction to the Board of Directors and membership of the Kansas Wheat Alliance.


  1. Maintain communication with the KWA Board of Directors, keeping them advised about the general direction and growth of KWA; suggesting policy changes, implementing and conducting programs consistent with board policies, state and national laws.
  1. Develop appropriate policies and programs with Board of Directors and implement them, to assure that the mission of KWA is fulfilled.
  1. Execute and manage agreements between KWA and KSURF, Seed Associates and other third parties.
  1. Utilize other organizations and methods of education for PVP while remaining a strong supporter and enforcer of PVP.
  1. Recruit membership of individuals, public organizations, and private companies.
  1. Evaluate and adjust KWA funds to provide reasonable returns and consult with KWA Treasurer and Board of Directors.
  1. Provide general direction and management for all general meetings of the membership.
  1. Maintain contact with the seed, feed, food and agri-bio energy industries and act as a link between these industries and KWA membership.
  1. Maintain contact with Kansas State University management and researchers.
  1. Maintain and improve a system of tracking and reporting of KWA varieties.
  1. Work closely with Official Seed Certifying Agencies and University Extension Services to monitor progress of KWA varieties.
  1. Communication with member organizations.
  1. Other duties as directed by the Board.