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Trego, Jagger sib

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PVP with Title V

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Kansas State University

Optimal Economic Use

Grain only, Grain plus limited grazing

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Variety Highlights

Good sprouting tolerance
Consistent yield performance
Very good drought tolerance

Danby is a white wheat developed by K-State.  It has been a strong workhorse white wheat for many years.  Danby has good sprouting tolerance.  It has generally had a very good yield record, both in the K-State yield tests and in farmers’ fields.  It has very good drought tolerance.  It is intermediate to stripe rust and moderately susceptible to leaf rust, and would benefit from a fungicide under heavy rust pressure.  It has intermediate tolerance to WSMV.  It is moderately susceptible to soilborne mosaic, which limits its use to western Kansas and possibly the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Danby has below-average straw strength.  With its good sprouting tolerance, Danby takes some of the risks out of growing white wheat.  Its milling quality is exceptional, but its baking quality is less desirable.  It is often reported to be hard to thresh.


  • Good sprouting tolerance
  • Intermediate to WSMV
  • Exceptional milling quality
  • Very good drought tolerance

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Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited – to Be Sold by Variety name Only As a Class of Certified Seed – U.S. Protected Variety – 1994 PVPA.