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The name “Larry” honors Larry Patton who was a long-time technician in the corn and wheat breeding programs at K-State.

Optimal economic uses:
Grain Only

Pedigree: Overly and Karl 92 (KS060143K-2)

Variety Protection Status:
Applied for

Year of release: 2016

Developer: Kansas State University

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Barley yellow dwarf: Moderately Susceptible
Hessian fly: Highly Susceptible
Leaf rust: Moderately Susceptible
Stem rust: Moderately Resistant
Stripe rust: Moderately Resistant
Powdery mildew: Intermediate
Scab: Moderately Intermediate
Septoria leaf blotch: Intermediate
Soilborne mosaic: Resistant
Tan spot: Intermediate
Wheat streak mosaic: Moderately Susceptible

Acid soil tolerance: Good
Coleoptile length:
Drought tolerance: Good
Early spring greenup:
Fall ground cover capability:
Grazing potential in fall: N/A
Height: Medium
Maturity (heading date): Medium
Quality-Baking: Acceptable
Quality-Milling: Acceptable
Seed size:
Shattering reputation:
Straw strength: Very Good
Test weight:
Overall yield record where adapted:


This variety from the Kansas Wheat Alliance tillers high and has good potential for top-end yield under increased management such as a fungicide application in high stress conditions. It’s somewhat taller than typical varieties from K-State’s Manhattan-based program.
Larry is expected to be a variety well adapted statewide as it has been performing well in state trials. Commercial behavior denotes tremendous stability across environmental diversity, and is adapting westward, though it is moderately susceptible to WSMV. It has also excelled under moderate to fairly intense drought.


  • Good tolerance to acidic soils
  • Resistant to soilborne mosiac


  • Susceptible to leaf rust

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