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The name “Larry” honors Larry Patton who was a long-time technician in the corn and wheat breeding programs at K-State.

Optimal economic uses: Larry-map

Pedigree: Overly Sib, Karl 92, Kakatsi, experimentals

Variety Protection Status:
Applied for

Year of release: 2016

Developer: Kansas State University

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Barley yellow dwarf: Fair
Hessian fly:
Leaf rust: Moderately susceptible
Stem rust: Moderately resistant
Stripe rust: Moderately resistant
Powdery mildew: Intermediate
Scab: Intermediate
Septoria leaf blotch: Intermediate
Soilborne mosaic: Resistant
Tan spot: Intermediate
Wheat streak mosaic: Intermediate

Acid soil tolerance: Good
Coleoptile length:
Drought tolerance: Good
Early spring greenup:
Fall ground cover capability:
Grazing potential in fall:
Height: Medium
Maturity (heading date): Medium-early
Quality-Baking: Acceptable
Quality-Milling: Acceptable
Seed size:
Shattering reputation:
Straw strength:
Test weight:
Overall yield record where adapted:


A new hard red wheat from Kansas Wheat Alliance that performed extremely well in K-State trials in 2016 and in K-State breeder nurseries for the past four years.  It has shown a good stability across a wide environmental diversity, but did suffer some cold injury during the extreme November 2014 freeze.

Larry is a medium maturity variety and has moderate resistance to both stem and stripe rust.  It is moderately susceptible to leaf rust and would benefit from a fungicide during heavy leaf rust pressure.  It also has good acid soil tolerance and is resistant to soil borne mosaic virus.  It is somewhat taller than Everest and has better quality than Everest.  Larry has shown tolerance to moderate drought and has a high tillering capacity.


  • Good drought tolerance
  • High tillering capacity
  • Moderately resistant to stripe rust
  • Good acid soil tolerance


  • Moderately susceptible to leaf rust

Larry Variety Page (PDF)