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KS08HW176-4//Bill Brown

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Kansas State University

Optimal Economic Use

Grain and limited grazing

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Variety Highlights

Superior Resistance To WSMV
High Yield Potential
Good resistance to stem rust, soilborne mosaic virus and Hessian fly

KS Hamilton (KS15H137) is a medium maturity hard red winter wheat with  a similar heading date as KS Western Star and three days later than T158.  It has moderate shattering resistance with average straw strength, similar to KS Dallas and T158.

KS Hamilton has good resistance to wheat streak mosaic virus, stem rust, soilborne mosaic virus, and Hessian fly; and intermediate reactions to stripe rust and leaf rust.  Its WSMV resistance can hold up to 21°C/70°F, which is similar to KS Dallas and three degrees warmer than those resistant varieties with the WSM2 gene.

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Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited – to Be Sold by Variety name Only As a Class of Certified Seed – U.S. Protected Variety – 1994 PVPA.