KS Mako

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LCS Chrome/3/KS030810NT-9/90RN2491//3*KS020617~9

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Applied For

Year of Release

2023 (for seed growers only) Available to farmers fall 2024


Kansas State University

Optimal Economic Use

Grain Only

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Variety Highlights

Good Drought Tolerance with Competitive Yield
Some of the best wheat streak mosaic virus resistance in a Central KS adapated variety
Strong protein deviation with good quality

Coming Fall 2024

KS Mako is a high yielding wheat variety out of the K-State Manhattan breeding program.  It is medium maturity and medium height with Jagger and LCS Chrome in its pedigree.  This variety will have a yield performance similar to KS Providence and other top yielding varieties in the central KS corridor and has also performed well in western KS with decent drought tolerance.  KS Mako has very good quality and above average protein at a given yield level.  It carries the Wsm2 gene, giving it some of the best wheat streak mosaic virus resistance for a Central KS adapted wheat variety. KS Mako is intermediate to moderately susceptible to leaf and stripe rust and susceptible to FHB.  It will be a solid companion variety to KS Providence with quality that should get it on preferred variety lists.

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Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited – U.S. Variety protection Applied For Specifying That Seed Of This Variety Is To Be Sold by Variety Name Only As A class Of Certified Seed.