Oakley CL

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Above, Danby, K-State experimental (KS03HW10)

Variety Protection Status

PVP with Title V

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Kansas State University - Agricultural Research Center- Hays

Optimal Economic Use

Grain only

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Variety Highlights

Resistant to WSMV
Very good drought tolerance
Single gene Clearfield® variety

This Kansas Wheat Alliance variety is a single-gene Clearfield, red wheat with resistance to WSMV (WSM2 gene carrier).

Oakley CL has a medium-long coleoptile, very good shattering resistance, and average straw strength.

In general, Oakley CL has a very strong yield record on dry-land production on the High Plains—it’s a good one for western Kansas—and can do well under irrigation, too. In colder years, it has shown the ability to rebound from cold injury.


  • Moderately resistant to WSMV
  • Resistant to stripe and stem rust
  • Very good drought tolerance

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Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited – to Be Sold by Variety name Only As a Class of Certified Seed – U.S. Protected Variety – 1994 PVPA.