KS Dallas

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KS08HW112-6, TX03A0148 and Danby TR

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PVP with Title V

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Kansas State University - Agricultural Research Center - Hays

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Grain Only

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Variety Highlights

Resistant to WSMV
High yield potential
Good drought tolerance

This new release variety from Kansas Wheat Alliance is a hard red winter wheat with a pedigree of KS08HW112-6, TX03A0148 and Danby TR.  KS15H116-6, KS Dallas, is a medium maturity and medium height variety. It performed well in western Kansas in 2017 and 2018.

KS Dallas has a strong disease package with WSMV resistance up to 21C. It has intermediate resistance to stripe rust and good resistance to leaf rust and stem rust. It is susceptible to soilborne mosaic virus and moderately susceptible to Hessian fly.

KS Dallas has good milling and baking qualities. In general, it has good flour yield, high water absorption and good mixing tolerance.


  • Resistant to WSMV
  • High yield potential

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