KS Silverado

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KS05HW122-5-2/ KS05HW15-2-2/ KS06HW46-3

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PVP with Title V

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Kansas State University - Agricultural Research Center - Hays

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Grain only

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Variety Highlights

High yielding
Very good disease package
Strong straw strength

This new release variety from Kansas Wheat Alliance is a hard white winter wheat with a pedigree of KS05HW122-5-2, KS05HW15-2-2 andKS06HW46-3. KS Silverado is a medium early and medium-short wheat line with similar heading date and height to T158.

KS Silverado has high yield potential and a broad adaptation across multiple states in the Great Plains. It has very good pre-harvest sprouting tolerance, a good disease package, and strong straw strength. In addition, it has very good test weight and excellent baking qualities. With these features, KS Silverado should be adapted to a broad region including western and central Kansas and other neighboring states for both dry-land and irrigation production. It will adapt to central KS well with its good straw strength and pre-harvest sprouting tolerance.


  • High yielding
  • Very good disease package
  • Strong straw strength

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Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited – to Be Sold by Variety name Only As a Class of Certified Seed – U.S. Protected Variety – 1994 PVPA.