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Optimal economic uses:
Grain only

Pedigree: Trego and Jagger/T151 (KS12H56-6-4)

Variety Protection Status: Pending

Year of release: Certified Seed available Fall 2017

Developer: Kansas State University Research Foundation

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Barley yellow dwarf: Intermediate
Hessian fly: Susceptible
Leaf rust: Intermediate
Stem rust: Resistant
Stripe rust: Resistant
Powdery mildew: Moderately susceptible
Scab: Moderately Susceptible
Septoria leaf blotch: Moderately susceptible
Soilborne mosaic: Resistant
Tan spot: Moderately susceptible
Wheat streak mosaic: Moderately susceptible

Acid soil tolerance: Moderately tolerant
Coleoptile length: Medium long
Drought tolerance: Very good
Early spring greenup: Intermediate
Fall ground cover capability: N/A
Grazing potential in fall: N/A
Height: Medium
Maturity (heading date): Medium
Protein: Average
Quality-Baking: Acceptable
Quality-Milling: Acceptable
Seed size: Medium
Shattering reputation: Good
Straw strength: Below average
Test weight: Good
Tillering: Good
Winterhardiness: N/A
Overall yield record where adapted: N/A


This hard red variety from Kansas Wheat Alliance was released from the K-State Hays Experiment Station from its white wheat breeding line—derived from a cross made in 2006 from Kansas experimentals and LimaGrain’s T151 hard red winter wheat. It’s been tested across Kansas where it has been showing very competitive yields central and is excellent west, and will do well on limited input dryland systems in the High Plains. It has done well with yield on irrigation, though its average straw strength could be limiting.
It comes with resistance to rusts and soil-borne mosaic and some tolerance to acidic soild. It’s intermediate to WSMV in the field, and has tolerance to acidic soils. Milling and baking qualities are good.


  • Resistance to stripe rust, leaf rust


  • Moderately susceptible to WSMV pressure

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