Kansas Wheat Alliance

2020 Variety & Disease Insect Ratings

Variety selection is one of the most important decisions a wheat grower makes. This choice profoundly influences the potential wheat crop’s productivity. Agronomic characteristics, such as height, acid soil tolerance, and maturity, determine how well a variety is adapted for a region or desired cropping system. Selecting a good variety also influences how well the crop tolerates drought or resists diseases and insects.

The ratings are intended to help producers select wheat varieties according to their specific needs. Growers should consult the latest K-State wheat performance test report for additional information about varieties that have yielded well in their area.

Although great efforts were made to confirm the accuracy of these ratings, no guarantee can be made that the information is without error. A variety’s agronomic characteristics are generally stable but can be influenced by unanticipated interactions with production practices or environment. Disease and pest reactions are influenced by regional populations of the pathogens or insects and may vary between years.

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