Iron Horse Farm Seed Co

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P.O. Box 103, Galva, KS, 67443

Iron Horse Farm Seed Co. was established in 1991 by Dayl Unruh and his father, Darryl Unruh, in a partnership agreement. In 2008, Dayl and his father put in a hide length grader, which upgraded their operation to a category one seed distributor.   Iron Horse Farm offers the KWA Zenda variety for the 2022 wheat-growing year. On their operation, they offer onsite scales, double cleaning along with seed treatment on their seed wheat.   Helping customers is a high priority for Iron Horse Farms. Providing customers with as many opportunities to assist in success with their seed wheat is something sought out by the Unruh’s. Iron Horse Farms offers custom, certified clean seed for other growers and farmers within the central Kansas area. A unique attribute to the Iron Horse operation is the absence of any third party from the field to the grower. They offer custom cleaning, treatments, store, and probe, along with weighing the seed wheat onsite.   Dayl and his father are passionate about preparing the highest quality seeds for their customer base. By double cleaning seeds, treating all their seed wheat with Flag Leaf fungicide, and understanding what varieties of wheat will do better on conventional versus no-till fields, they are demanding excellence from their seed wheat.   While planting is taking place, Iron Horse Farms has people onsite around the clock, six days a week, to ensure the farmers do not need to stop what they are doing to pick up the seed wheat. This tactic is set in place to work with the farmer’s schedule. Iron Horse Farm Seed Co, located in Galva, Ks, is a supplier for Kansas Wheat Alliance's wheat varieties Larry and Zenda.

We are proud to offer these Kansas Wheat Alliance Varieties

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KS Providence

  • High yield
  • Very consistent performance across the region
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