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13610 W Illinois Avenue, Partridge, KS, 67566
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Miller Seed Farms LLC is a family owned seed company located in Reno County northwest of Partridge, Kansas. We produce, condition, and sell registered and certified seed wheat. We also condition alfalfa and millet, and sell these crops, along with oats, grain sorghum, corn, soybeans, and various forage sorghums. Rye and triticale are not processed here, but are purchased in the bag for resale. Since its foundation in 1947, Miller Seed Farms has purposed to offer the finest quality seed and kind, helpful, knowledgeable service. Honesty and integrity are key components of our business policy. We are dedicated to providing you with Seeds to help YOUR FARM Succeed. Miller Seed Farms LLC originated in 1947. Currently, Loyal Miller is the owner and operator of the family business. At Miller Seed Farms, their largest focus is wheat, specifically certified seed wheat. In addition to wheat, Miller Seed Farms offers a wide range of other seed products for their customers. Their mission is to glorify God, all while planting, caring for, harvesting and selling the seed. A primary focus for Miller Seed is to provide seed that will make farmers succeed that given year. In addition to giving farmers an opportunity to have the best genetics package with that to make it happen. Currently, Miller Seed Farms LLC offers the KWA variety Zenda. They are a category 1 seed dealer, which entails them meeting or exceeding the requirements Kansas Crop Improvement provides for seed dealers. They currently offer a length grader and gravity table to ensure seed is clean and pure, prior to being taken anywhere off the farm. Miller Farms pays close attention to detail, to ensure things are done correctly. They ensure to follow through with details and cleaning bins, cleaning systems, trucks, etc. between varieties. In addition, they offer a full-length truck scale on-site, treatments for totes and bulk, and they offer custom cleaning for customers. Miller Seed Farms LLC focuses heavily on the energy of service. Making sure efficiency if one of their highest priorities is vital. The Millers know you are on a timely schedule and do not want to waste your time on their clock. In addition to efficiency, integrity is another high priority at the Miller Seed Farm. They do not turn any customers down for any reason. If the customer is willing to travel to pick up the seed from their facility, they will sell it to them. Their main range of sales is in Reno County and other counties surrounding Reno, mainly to the south and west.

We are proud to offer these Kansas Wheat Alliance Varieties

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KS Providence

  • High yield
  • Very consistent performance across the region
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