Plainsmen Seed

(785) 737-2145
1364 350th Avenue, Palco, KS, 67657

Plainsmen Seed is a custom seed service operated by Evan Lesser of Lesser Farms in Palco, KS. Plainsmen Seed was established in 2015, and started selling seed in 2019. At Plainsmen Seed, they are proud to offer KWA Dallas seed to those who are interested. On their operation, Plainsmen Seed manages a minimum to no-till seed dealership in Palco, Kansas. On their seed operation, Plainsmen is a smaller operation with intentions of quality and purity for their customers.

We are proud to offer these Kansas Wheat Alliance Varieties

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KS Dallas

  • Resistant to WSMV
  • High yield potential
  • Good drought tolerance
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KS Territory

  • High Yield Potential
  • WSMV and TriMV resistance
  • Drought tolerance
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KS Bill Snyder

  • Very High Yield Potential
  • WSMV and TRIMV Resistance
  • High Tillering Capacity
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