Lucas Seed

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120001 E RD 24, Johnson, KS, 67855

Lucas Seed is on its way to being a third-generation seed sales company in western Kansas. Charles Lucas started the family business over 30 years ago. which is now owned by his wife, Myrna and son, Loren and managed by his grandson, Carson. Through the years, they have focused primarily on corn seed, until 2021. Lucas Seed is continuing the seed wheat dealership, which was originally established by Wendell Nicholas, Nic II Farms since his unexpected passing in 2020. Through Nicholas’ time as a seed wheat dealer in southwest Kansas, people chose to purchase seed from him due to him being local and providing high quality seed. At their operation, they focus on primarily strip-till practices with their seed wheat. Being in western Kansas, it is pertinent to have local seed wheat dealers, so people do not have to travel as far to acquire high-quality, high-yielding seed for their crops. Lucas Seed currently offers KWA varieties of Joe and Danby. The seed wheat is stored on the farm and is cleaned prior to being sold.

We are proud to offer these Kansas Wheat Alliance Varieties

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  • Moderately Resistant to WSMV
  • Moderately Resistant to stripe, leaf and stem rusts
  • Very good overall yield record
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